4 Tips for When Doubting Your Identity

Have you had those days, weeks or even months where you are questioning your identity in Christ? If the answer is yes, know that you are not alone. Just like you, I have had days where I doubt my identity in the Lord and don’t walk in the ways he has called me to live. No matter where you are with your walk with the Lord, I hope the following tips encourages and pushes you closer to the Father’s presence.


I cannot stress self-reflect enough, not only spiritually but wholistically. No matter where you are and what you are struggling with, the Lord already knows, and he still loves. You are his very best-chosen creation.

1. Take time to be alone with THE ONE who knows you inside and out. Cry, write, sing, and be vulnerable with him.  

There is power in separating yourself from your busy life/schedule and spending it with the one who give it all, so you can have it all. Ask the Lord how he sees you.( listen to his sweet voice) How does that make you feel knowing that the Lord sees you that way?

Do you believe that you are planted by God?

Jeremiah 2:21a says, “I planted you, a choice vine from the very best seed.” Beloved you were not thrown together, you were carefully knitted together with love by love himself. You were Picked with purpose, for purpose. Thinking about that question, what comes to mind?

Write down your thoughts and feelings, or simply speak them out to the Lord.

Do you believe that the Lord chose you to be a part of His family?

1 Peter 2:9 it says “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

You are royalty. You are a holy nation. You are a special possession. Because of Jesus dying on the cross, we are co-heirs of the kingdom of heaven. WE can rejoice in knowing that we are children of light.  

It’s hard to see ourselves in this light. That’s okay. Take out of your day to think about being a part of the Lord’s family. Think about being specifically chosen, belonging to Him and His family of sons and daughters. Being fully accepted by Him no matter the circumstance or choices you make.

Do you believe that the Lord sees you as the very best of His creation?

Again, this is hard to believe especially if you have insecurities about your worthy and identity.

If you are holding on to those insecurities, you are picking them over receiving the love of Christ. Put your pride and struggle down and claim the identity the Lord has had for you since the beginning of time.

There is power in letting go, and allowing the Lord to fill us up with his eternal purpose.

Beloved keep in mind that We live in a world where we are easily distracted from self-reflecting and coming to an understanding of the identity the Lord has written out for us. Be intentional and consistent in walking in your identity, and living it out.

You got this! I am cheering you on.
From a sister who understands,

6 thoughts on “4 Tips for When Doubting Your Identity

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words and timely reminders. We do need to know who we are in Christ and to let it sink into our hearts, especially when the enemy will often fire his flaming arrows to cause us to doubt God.


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