6 Tips To Know For Stressful Unexpected Seasons

Life. What is life? My definition of life is Jesus, family, friends, good food, breathing, laughing, singing, dancing, crying, struggles, moody days, good days, and the list can go on. All these things make up life in whatever season you are in. The last time I wrote a post was five months ago. As I am sitting at a coffee shop with my husband, I decided to ask him “ Babe, why do I write?” and his response was “ because as your life becomes stable from a chaotic season, you want to encourage that one or two people who are similarly in or about to be in a similar situation.” It’s nice to have someone who can fully answer a question especially when you don’t know why you do the things that you do.

What Have I Been up to?

These past months have been full of ups and downs. 1) I was let go from my job because they hired an actual librarian, I have a Master’s in Social Work, not Library Science. 2) Me and sweet hubby moved from a house that we shared with a roommate into our own duplex, which has been a nice transition. 3) My sweet hubby decided to pause on pursuing his master’s degree because he is all schooled out for the moment. 4) Marriage can be rough and friendship relationships can hurt. 5) I started taking pictures and decided to pursue photography on the side which has been sweet with lots of adventure and new fun things.

Where am I now?

It can be suffocating for someone to learn to navigate daily life in a chaotic season when they are not allowing the Lord to speak truths into the lies they believe.  Putting all these little pieces together, I arrived in a place where everything was new, change was everywhere, and I just couldn’t function.  When my life is not stable I shut down internally and become the most unproductive human in the face of the planet. I am glad I have learned this about myself so that when things go downhill again, I know to keep pushing forward and lean on God’s strength.

I have walked with the Lord for the past 6 years. I have had the most unreal experiences with him, but I have also clawed in dark places without him. It’s not that he wasn’t there with me, I simply didn’t allow him to be there with me. That’s what happened these past few months. I would tell the Lord how I felt, the things I was struggling with and how much pain I was experiencing. I didn’t allow him to walk through those hardships with me. Instead, I kept him at arm’s length and continued to sink deeper into my issues. I am glad that I went through that season because I am here now and I know so much more.

Tips for Stressful Seasons

When we decide to do things alone and function apart from God, we are doing absolutely nothing (John 15). If you ever find yourself in this same position or are headed that direction, the following are a few tips to help you keep pushing forward.

1. Being vulnerable and allowing the Lord to come into your mess does not mean you have failed. It simply means you need some guidance and direction (which EVERYONE needs). Talk to the father in a real, raw way who loves you and adores you more than anyone ever could.

2. Have a friend you can talk to and be open with. There is power in having a good, healthy relationship with a good girlfriend. This can help you see issues and circumstances in a different way or help you relieve stress by letting stuff out.

3. Make a to-do list of all the things that are about to change in your life. Once you do that, ask yourself if you have control over it or not. If the answer is a no, then allow the Lord to take over. If you think you have control over it, ask the Lord for direction and guidance and don’t pretend that you know best even after lots of experience.

4. Make a different to-do list that is focused on the things you want to accomplish. Doing this does not mean you’re avoiding processing the changes that are happening in your life. You’re still moving forward and choosing not to completely shut down.

5. Don’t avoid your passions. 9/10 the Lord will heal you, direct you, and encourage you through the desires and passions he has put in your heart. So as much as you want to give up on everything. Take one step to still do the things you love even if its only 10-30 minutes a day.

6. Don’t avoid your feelings. Reflect, process, heal and move forward. This is something I am personally learning and hoping to keep growing in.

TRUST that the Lord is good. He is for you and not against you no matter what the world around you is saying.

Life can be a rollercoaster full of good, bad, exciting, horrifying, wonderful moments. At the end of the day its not about what you went throug, it is what you learned and how you grew through that process.

I hope as you read this post you were encouraged to seek after the Lord. I pray peace finds you in whatever season you’re in and that no matter the circumstances you are thriving. You are loved, and you are worth it.

With Love and joy,


10 thoughts on “6 Tips To Know For Stressful Unexpected Seasons

  1. These are all great tips! I am also learning to be more vulnerable and allow God to walk with me in the difficult times. Letting go of control is hard for me. Thank you for writing!


  2. These are all such powerful ways to deal with unexpected stress but the first is such a beautiful reminder. I think you perfectly depicted how we become strong by depending on God and staying vulnerable in his presence. Welcome back! It’s good to hear your voice again!


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