5 Actions to Take when You’re Overwhelmed

I am no stranger to overwhelming seasons. As a multi-passionate person I always have ideas running through my mind. However, things get difficult when I jump from one idea to another and not finishing a project or a post. Last September was the last time I wrote a blog post. Since then I have gone through the motions of trying to figure out when to get back to writing. I few days ago I realized that I am never going to not have ideas. But instead, I need to actively learn to organize my ideas and accomplish one at a time.

Another reason I stop writing, is because I didn’t see my blog going anywhere. Overwhelmed with these thoughts, somewhere in my brain I started believing that one or 10 readers was not enough or successful. In our world today, success or influence is measured by on how popular it is.

With all these thoughts in mind, I started asking the Lord ” how do you measure success?” the moment I asked this question the story of the shepherd with the 99 sheep came to mind and how he left them and went to get the 1 that was lost. At that moment I realized that whether its 1 or 100 thousand readers, to the Lord it’s success period. Whether its 1 or 10 people impacted by this blog, its success period.

Being full of understanding I decided take steps to move forward, stop being overwhelmed and refocus. The following are 5 actions to take when you’re overwhelmed.

1. Take a Step Back

Taking a step back from something you love does not mean you have failed. It takes strength and power to know when to rest and regroup to keep giving your readers, clients, customers the best.

2. Dig Deep and Reflect

Look at where you are and asking yourself how you got there. What ideas, or thoughts did you not address that led to you becoming overwhelm? Face them and speak truth over yourself.

3. Focus on Your Purpose

You are going to have many ideas. It is important to always reminder yourself of the purpose behind what you are doing. Talk to the Lord and be fueled up. Be ready to start doing what sets your heart on fire.

If your purpose does not excite you, bring you peace/joy or set you on fire. Pray and seek the Lord on what to do next.

4. Redefine Success/Influence

The world will tell you a lot of things. It will tell you over and over again show that if your business, company, book or blog does not have a lot of popularity then you should quit and find a new gig.

I will encourage you to ask the Lord what success is suppose to look like. I urge you to seek him and let him be the one to define you and your purpose.

Just because a thousand people are not talking about your business, that does not mean it’s a failure. If the Lord calls you to it, let him finish it on his timing not the world’s.

5. Enjoy Your Calling

I am a big advocate for having fun while working. We were made to work; but at the same time we were made to rest, have peace, joy, and freedom.

If whatever you are doing is not giving you life and more. Invite the Lord into your work. Ask him how it is suppose to look like to work and allow him to move.

He gives peace, joy, and freedom in everything he is invited too. Don’t restrict him.

No body likes to be overwhelmed. Sometimes the stress sneaks upon you without you knowing and that’s okay. It’s NOT okay for you stay in that state and live with it just because. Learn to invite the Lord into those overwhelming, stressful, dark places. Say YES to fighting for your mental health. HE has already said yes, will you?

With Love & Joy,
Winnie 🙂

12 thoughts on “5 Actions to Take when You’re Overwhelmed

  1. Winnie, you are not alone, and I have questioned myself and my blogging often, but it always comes back to the fact that I HAVE TO WRITE. It is not just an outlet for me, but a processing of my faith. God has reminded me time and time again that it’s not about me, and though I may never reach the multitudes, it just might be that one lost sheep that He is using me to pursue… Thanks for sharing!


  2. I was so encouraged by your writing today! I feel a lot of the same tugs and pulls about comparison and numbers, etc and remembering God looks at the one, He cares for the one and isn’t using numbers as the measurement of His success/His glory. thank you for this post!


  3. Christa

    So much truth here! Thanks for sharing these practical ideas. I think I love the one about reconnecting to your purpose. That always does it for me!


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